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Water walking is ideal for arthritis sufferers and anyone carrying extra pounds.

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As Howard Chansky, M.D., a professor and chair of department of Othopedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Washington, explains, "Being in water lets you excercise without putting the full force of gravity on your joints. On land, the force on your joints can be seven times your body weight. In water, you reduce that force by hundreds of pounds."

This buoyancy cushions joints to make exercising feel effortless. Even though you're toning muscles more effectively than you would on land. "Water is more viscious than air - moving against that resistance makes muscles work harder," says Dr. Chansky. Indeed, studies at Texas A & M University found that water walking builds 600 percent more lean muscle than strolling on ground. And Dr. Chansky adds, "Since you're strengthening the muscles around the joints, you'll also experience less joint pain overall."

To get the benefits, Dr Chansky suggests walking laps or marching in place in water that's at least waist deep for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Women with joint pain may want to consider a Swim Spa or Hot Tub since the warmth soothes joint inflammation to ease symptoms.

After doing a lot of research, I traveled to the Tampa/Clearwater area to visit Spa Manufacturers showroom.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of spas/swim spas they had set up and running. I spoke with Bobby Woltz, who has worked for them for many years. He answered all of my many questions -- he was very knowledgeable.

After picking out our spa, he help me set a delivery date to Orlando -- December 9th. On that morning, the delivery guys called and said they would be there in the AM -- and they were.

They were professional and knew exactly what they were doing. We were not able to start the spa up right away because we had not gotten the electricity installed yet.

Fast forward to mid January -- electricity was installed, water was in. We did have a small problem with one of the motors, however, after a quick phone call, Spa Manufacturers dispatched a repair person that replaced the motor and we were up and running!

I know this review is lengthy, but I wanted people to know that my experience with this company has been really good. Their people are responsive and helpful.

WE LOVE our spa!!

by Kathy M.

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